Providing tips and advice on how to be employable 

Young Visionist invites you to attend any of our Employment Conference which is hosted nationwide from time to time. Come and Join leading employers across SA industries and discover what employers are looking for from employees. The events aim to reveal the exciting world of employment through hands-on learning with industry professionals. Experts in the field will lead panel discussions and practical workshops – instructing on preparation for employment.  You will be provided with tips and advice on how to prep your CV towards becoming employable.


What will the Conference Cover?

    • Information on industry specific recruitment processes
    • Advice and insight from current recruits on their journey so far


Employability workshops and discussion groups including:

    1. How to master the art of networking
    2. How to impress in interview: tips & skills
    3. How to make your CV stand out from the crowd
    4. How to submit your CV to recruitment agents/employers
    5. Opportunities to ask questions throughout the event

This insight event is designed to give you real contact time with employers who employee people daily.  Please take note that throughout every event, individuals will have the exclusive chance to meet and network directly with specialists. With every event day there will be job offer from companies looking to employ on the same day! This will be an interactive opportunity to strengthen your career prospects by gaining valuable industry knowledge and experience.


DRESS CODE: Smart / Smart Casual (no jeans!)
What to bring? Your current CV


NOTE: Check this space for more information on how to sign up for our up and coming Employment Conference workshops. Make sure you sign up, as spaces for workshops are limited. There are limited places for this event so make sure to RSVP as soon as possible.


For enquiries contact us on: events@youngvisionist.net

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NB: Please note that if you missed out on any of our events you can request a video copy of the event at events@youngvisionist.net and a copy will be sent directly to your email. 
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