“Helping you understand what to focus your career on and how to break down barriers to achieving your vision”.


Succeed Event will focus on the stories of industry leaders who are self-made entrepreneurs. Come and listen to successful individuals share how they have prospered and developed successful careers. They will also share their personal stories on how they came to be where they are, what their background is and some of the personal and professional hurdles they have crossed along the way. Topics will include how these inspirational people overcame any cultural and employment barriers.

There is a current need for diverse recruitment especially in today’s elite professions industries such as finance and banking, law and technology. Encouragement of diversity and inclusion in recruitment are necessary for companies to ensure variety of thought required for a globally competitive business model.
Join us in celebrating diverse pool of leading SA Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs who make things happen by becoming a memberBe blown away and empowered by expert panel of speakers and an opportunity to network and add value to your career aspirations.

We have passion for helping people develop their careers and actively mentor aspiring leaders around South Africa and the globe. We maintain the fundamental belief that you can take your career anywhere you want as long as you’re willing to put in the work.




Why Attend the Succeed Event?

  • This is an opportunity to hear from a panel of leading business figures and discover their secrets to success.
  • If you were ever put off going after your dream job, senior position or starting your own business, please think again.
  • This event is about breaking all those barriers and providing you with guidance and connections to make it happen

Our Guarantee:

  • Direct access to Leading figures
  • Top secret tips about career progression
  • Diversity of audience
  • Speakers who are inspiring
  • Developing a your personal brand
  • Opportunity to sign up to mentoring program

What You Will Gain:

  • Be inspired by today’s business leaders
  • Gain guidance to exceed your aspirations
  • Techniques that you can incorporate into your life, career and business


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