Painting the future black

What will you be remembered for when it’s all said and done?


Imagine a future where the African history is not written by Africans. Where our story will be edited and scripted to satisfy the next generation that will come after us.   This is a history that will incorporate fabricated stories such as are portrayed within our seminars. The truth of who we are is not consistent anymore because we ourselves do not know ourselves. An Africa that does not know or acknowledge itself.

We live in a misguided times, the culture that our fore fathers gave tooth and nail to uphold will not be lost this time around due to superiority or domination but will be due to the willingness and greed to hand over Africa.

Africa it’s time to stand and be counted and help tell the story of our continent. It’s time that we owned our history by building a great nation by taking on the Corporate social responsibility.



We journey through some of the Privileges our Nation has been richly blessed with. I also highlight some key elements that prompts Poverty and more…

Painting the future black
Book By: Prince Abuh
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