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Stop creating businesses and innovate

Ideologist of the 21st century business


The world is filled with millions of businesses, some useful, others not so useful.  Some profitable and some a total disaster. But what can one learn from this? My guarantee is that before you are done reading this book thousands of businesses will be established worldwide and of which a majority will fail in their first year of conception.

The art of establishing a business on its own to a certain degree is only possible by means of innovation. Innovation that has been p

ut in place by people just like you. Amazing isn’t it. So if the business blueprint is already available, why not adjust the blue print to meet your needs?

This now bags the question, why start a business at all when most of everything that you have thought of is already available somewhere. Why go out of your way to become just another business. My point is that the ideology is wrong and how we have been taught to approach business creation could be wrong.

People for many decades have been innovating business ideas and concepts. Creating and improving the way we perceive businesses. Never has it been more apparent than now that the world needs more innovation. Innovation as a business class on its own.


Stop creating businesses and innovate
Ideologist of the 21st century business
Book By: Prince Abuh

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Innovate, Innovate and Innovate some more…