What happened to all the jobs?

Impact filled book with solutions that  will help you navigate the job market.


Does the market have enough jobs available for everyone?
Will my skill be redundant in a few years?
What does the new work market look like?
Will my certification and degrees be relevant five years from now?
Is getting a job the answer to all my problems and to what extent?

These are just some of the questions that give a lot of people sleepless nights. Considering newly graduates straight off from university and equipped with a brand new degree. My believe is that a segregated majority of some our private institution seems to be getting richer and richer while people seat at home looking for jobs, jobs I might add that some will never get.

Another teaser here is that the job ends up coming later on in life and by then your qualification has lost its merits and you have to go back to school and pay to be retaught.

Also looking at the deeper side of things, you come to learn that your qualifications does not play a role in the job which you get. The job that you end up getting becomes something totally different from wh

at you studied due to the fact that the job market is so depleted that you take whatever is presented to you. You end up under paid and unhappy and people ask why the majority of employees are depressed or uninterested.

The other sad truth is that the process/ideology is also being repeated over and over by those we believe to have trusted with our future. The notion is that we should run off and study, study anything because as long as you have that certificate you will be accepted into the society and then you will be able to qualify into the African societal Olympic rat race.
Everyone today is too busy trying to find that job which will match their lifestyle. And once the job is there, you start preparing yourself not to get fired by dodging complaints and striving to be the best employee of the year. The system that has been setup by educational institutions be it public or private empowers and destroys a majority of our generation.

What happened to all the jobs?
Book By: Prince Abuh
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