Young Digital Entrepreneurs

Young Visionist equips young people to be able to see an opportunity when it arises which is one of the most valuable traits an entrepreneur can afford to  have. The only trait more valuable is the ability to create your own opportunity where their is none. Its then important that we note that Africa is at the point were idea makers are needed to fuel a new market of digital entrepreneurs.

That’s why Young Visionist was created to help you discover new ideas, innovate old ideas and inspire young Africans to Do More and Be More. We want to create an African where the majority of the Youth run their own businesses, and are backed with consumer management skills.



We are always on the lookout for new events. If you have or know of a Business, Campus, School Or Church Event that you believe might benefit from our talks/workshop  please do not hesitate to contact us. Kindly direct all inquiries to | +27 87 055 0439

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